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Imak High Definition Glass Lens Film for Google Pixel4 / Pixel4 XL (20-2005)

Product Specifications:
  • Product Description

Brand: Imak

Model : for  Google Pixel4 / Pixel4 XL

Box Size: 150*80(mm)

GW: 8g

NW: 2g

Packing: Paper bag

Barcode: 6957476851947


IMAK High Definition Glass Lens Film
Protect the Eye of mobile
Enhance temper effect - Abrasion resistant - Clean and Clear - Better protection


Dedicated film for different lens

Considerate protection


Thin and high quality glass - Clean and Clear
It can protect lens and not affect the shooting effect
About 0.2mm higher


Pasting instruction
1.Clean up mobile lens, confirm lens film pasting direction
2.Light bend the bottom, take out lens film
3.Aim at position and paste on it
4.First peel off the surface layer a little until part of lens film showed, press the showed part and peel off the rest layer




The picture is only for your reference product package shall be subject to any changes without additional notice
Cherish life,focus on environment protection.
IMAK products pass environmental protection and CE certificate,safe and secure.




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